Cricket Lighter

Gas lighter:

1. Fashionable, easy to use

2.Guaranteed quality with ISO9994&EN13869

3.Child resistant,heavy electronic,safe

1. Lighter size: 79.4*21.9*11.1mm
2.Leakage rate: less than 0.5%
3.Color: transparent, semi-transparent and solid in optional colors
4.Printing: rubber printings, leather printings, silk printings,stickers.

5.Standard: ISO9994 and EN13869

6.Flame Guard: black or silver.


To Adjust Flame: Move lever on side of lighter toward “+” for

higher flame or toward “-” for lower flame.

To Light: Silde switch to “ON”. Aim nozzle at object to be lit and

press ignition trigger, release to turn off.

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Commodity Name : Cigarette Cheap Price High Quality Cricket Lighter
Type Of  Lighters: Flint Lighter,Electronic Lighter,LED Lighter,Windproof Lighter
Material: ABS&AS
Color : Five colors
Advantages: High Quality&Low Price&Stamble&Elegant Appearance
Gas tank surface  : Sand blasting, heat transfer, stickers , PVC and so on
Feature The rate of leaking within 0.3%,the rate of inflaming over 98 %
Resit water of 55 centigrate
About 2 minutes last inflaming


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