Diploma Milk Powder

Diploma Instant Full Cream Milk Powder is an infamous brand from New Zealand. It has no preservatives and has a good source of calcium, and is rich in vitamins A and D. It dissolves instantly in hot or cold water and with 400g of powder, you can make 3.0 litres of milk.

Handy Hints:

Add Diploma Instant Full Cream Milk Powder to flour and other dry ingrediets when making cakes, scones and breads. Add to pancake batter for extra flavour and richness. Add to cream soups, gravies, stocks and casseroles. For example, 28 grams (1 oz) of Diploma Instant Full Cream Milk Powder added to 1/2 kilogram (1 lb) of mashed potato gives a rich creamier flavour.

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Vitamins A & D enriched DIPLOMA full cream milk powder is made from pure selected fresh cows milk. DIPLOMA is high quality milk nutritious for the whole family and convenient to prepare. DIPLOMA full cream milk powder can be used just like cows milk for preparation of any milk-based culinary items. It is excellent as a drink and can be used with no prior mixing in tea, coffee, cocoa etc. Simply sprinkle DIPLOMA directly on to of any beverage and stir.

DIPLOMA full cream milk powder provides nutrition for the whole family.

Whole Milk Powder, Soya Lecithin (in instant milk powder), Vitamin C, A & D

Available SKUs:

DIPLOMA 1 kg sachet
DIPLOMA 500gm sachet
DIPLOMA 200g sachet
DIPLOMA 100g sachet


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