Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is a kind of seasoning, with a strong irritation smell, can stimulate people’s taste buds, increase appetite, in addition to a certain beauty and beauty effect. There are many effects and effects of mustard oil. Mustard oil has a detoxification effect. It can be dipped in some mustard oil to reduce diarrhoea when eating fish slices or beef slices to reduce diarrhea, allowing people to enjoy good health and keep health at the same time.

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 Product Name  Mustard Oil
 Ingredient  Sunflower Oil,Mustard Seed Oil
 Shelf Life  18 Months
 Grade  Food Grade
 Packing  Pet Bottle
 Smell  Strong Mustard Flaour
 Application  Seasoning Oil
 Style  Pure Natural
 Net Volume  70 ml
 Similar series  Red Hot Chili Sauce
 Storage  Store in room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

It is better to be used within 12 months after being opened.

 Usage  To be used to all types of dishes, salad, soup and noodles

that need to be seasoned.


Nutrational Lable
 Item  Per100g  NRP%
 Energy  3360(kj)  40%
 Protien  0(g)  0%
 Fat  90.8(g)  151%
 Carbohydrate  0(g)  0%
 Sodium  0(mg)  0%


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