Navigator Universal A4 Copy Paper

Navigator’s surface cohesion and excellent runnability provide users with a 99.99% paper jam free™ guarantee. This increases production speed and reduces processing errors, allowing users to maximize efficiency. Moreover, Navigator paper is engineered to provide outstanding performance on all types of office equipment, whether inkjet, copier, or laser, in colour or in black & white. Its 99.99% performance is certified by the Buyers Laboratory INC (BLI), the leading independent laboratory for testing office equipment.

One of the key advantages of Navigator is that it enables 7% less toner consumption, meaning that a cartridge that would normally yield 1500 prints will print 100 additional pages. This leads to 7% more print quality, with bolder blacks and more vivid colours. By improving toner adhesion and ink absorption, Navigator maximizes print results, enabling more printed sheets with the same cartridge or better printing quality.

Navigator’s smoother surface provides an improved lifetime for office equipment, making it on average 1/3 smoother than most office papers. This smoother surface means lower toner/ink consumption and reduced abrasiveness, resulting in less damage to printers and a longer lifetime of office equipment. The net result is lower maintenance costs, fewer replacements of machine parts, and ultimately, a lower cost per printed page.



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