Not many people realize it, but there are hundreds of ways that sawdust is used as a by-product in the modern world, so when you’ve got some laying around you might want to put it to good use too.

This naturally absorbent material is used for everything from animal feed to cleaning products, and if you take the time to look around you’ll be surprised at just how versatile it is.

-A major use of sawdust is for particleboard; coarse sawdust may be used for wood pulp.
-Sawdust has a variety of other practical uses, including serving as a mulch, as an alternative to clay cat litter, or as a fuel.
-it was often used in icehouses to keep ice frozen during the summer.
-It has been used in artistic displays, and as scatter in miniature railroad and other models.
-It is also sometimes used to soak up liquid spills, allowing the spill to be easily collected or swept aside.
-It is used to make Cutler’s resin. Mixed with water and frozen, it forms pykrete, a slow-melting, much stronger form of ice.
-Sawdust is used for sausage casings.
-Sawdust-derived cellulose has also been used as a filler in bread.

Material – wood shavings
Moisture – 15 % max
Size – 0,5-20 mm or buyers’ demand
Quality – without contamination

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