Rizla Rolling Paper

Brand new in Original Packaging:

Note: Number of packs refers to number of Booklets

Rizla White Regular Rolling Papers rolling papers have normal size, with dimensions 35mm X 70mm and have a regular thickness paper with a weight of 23 g/m2 for good burning.

**Limited Edition**

Rizla Blue Ciel Regular Rolling papers have a medium thickness and burns slowly with its 14.5g/m2 weight. ~The taste is lighter than you find with many other brands, and we like that the corners are cut to simplify the rolling method (especially in the dark). Little ash is left while burning too.

**Limited Edition**

Rizla Red is one of the most popular Rizla lines in the UK. It’s medium weight paper with minimal ash.

~It’s perfect for everyday use.

Rizla Green has been the UK’s most popular rolling paper for more than 40 years. Like all Rizla papers, the cut corners help the paper fit easily into any of our hand rolling machines.

~Rizla Green Standard is ideal for newcomers to rolling as it is a heavier weight paper.

Rizla Blue rolling papers are thinner and have a more refined flavour with a heightened intensity than the green and red papers.

~Rizla has been manufacturing their Rizla blue standard rolling papers for over 100 years.

Rizla Silver rolling papers are so ultra thin they are measured in microns, 20 to be precise giving you a super thin paper but just as strong as the rest of the Rizla range.

~To give you a comparison a human hair is 50-100 microns, so when we say ultra thin we mean ultra thin.

Pink is the latest Regular Smoking Papers. The Paper is thin, thinner then Red Regular and Green Regular Papers.

Rizla Liquorice Regular Rolling Papers are a regular thicker paper giving you a full taste of liquorice when smoked. Easy to roll with, Rizla Liquorice papers were the first flavoured smoking paper you could roll with.


Rizla Silver/Red/Blue/ Orange Regular Rolling Papers,
Full box of 100 Booklets
Ultra thin regular sized  papers
50 leaves per booklet
100 booklets per box.

Rizla Silver/Red/Blue/ Orange King-Size Rolling Papers,
Full box of 50 Booklets
Ultra thin
33 leaves per booklet
50 booklets per box


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